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Use any one of these fine hand held or vehicle mounted Garmin or Magellan GPS Global Positioning Satellite units and you'll never be lost again

Get Timex GPS at timexcentral.comWe've been asked a thousand times why we don't sell Garmin GPS navigation units that use the same award winning Garmin technology as the Timex GPS and Bodylink watch systems that have made us famous.  Well, here they are, a collection of  seven top performing units that rely upon the same Global Positioning Satellite system used by US armed forces.

These handheld (or vehicle mounted, below) devices allow you to determine your exact latitude and longitude to within just a few feet so you can always find the fastest route back to your starting point.  Just as the cell phone has become a ubiquitous essential to urban survival, the GPS receiver is becoming an invaluable tool for those who navigate the backcountry (and they work in that urban environment that we mentioned above also).  Plus, you won't miss those arguments that you used to have while huddled over those cumbersome topographic maps.

And Garmin GPS units are the ultimate gift for the person in your life who refuses to stop and ask for directions!  Here are some wonderfully practical handheld GPS units from Amazon along with pertinent comments from their reviewers.  Prices start at just over $100 !!

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It's simply amazing what these
Handheld GPS units can do.

  • Garmin eTrex GPS (under $100 !!) - eTrex GPS Movie
    garmin etrex gps unitThe eTrex is the simplified, rugged version of the company's more advanced products.  Designed specifically for hiking, biking, and camping, eTrex is one of the easiest to use GPS units sold.  It offers the ability to track up to 12 satellites so you are never out of contact with one.  The eTrex does not work inside buildings, but you probably won't get lost inside very often.  Among the eTrex's feature set is its ability to calculate your current and average speed.  This feature really comes in handy on longer hiking, camping and cycling trips where planning your average speed and tracking the distance traveled is important.  At just 5.3 oz. including batteries, eTrex is ultra-light making it an easy to manage.  The Garmin eTrex is also waterproof and holds a more than adequate 500 user-created waypoints.

  • Garmin eTrex Vista 24 MB GPS with Compass, Altimeter and PC Cable -
    garmin etrex vistaDiminutive size and weight, but not at the expense of a rugged design make the Garmin eTrex Vista an ideal hiking companion.  This GPS unit is waterproof in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes and is generously coated with shock-absorbent rubber.  The barometric altimeter keeps a historical record of ascents and descents, graphing elevation changes so you can visually track your progress.  The ability to store waypoints, points of interest, routes, and other information means you can blaze your own trail and always find your way back to camp.  An ample 24 MB of internal memory makes it possible to store an enormous amount of data from Garmin's optional MapSource CDs, turning the eTrex Vista into an interactive road atlas.  The memory isn't expandable, but 24 MB is a bunch; enough to store street-level data for entire states in some cases.

  • Garmin GPSMAP 76S GPS -
    garmin GPSMap76SThe Garmin GPSMAP 76S mapping unit is a great choice for the devoted mariner or serious outdoor enthusiast.  The "S" in the product name stands for "sensors," referring to the GPS receiver, barometric altimeter, and electronic compass the GPSMAP 76S includes to deliver precise location, elevation, and bearing data.  The unit also contains a base-map of North and South America, including major highways, thoroughfares, rivers, lakes, and borders.  Plenty of memory (24 MB) is provided for downloading optional MapSource data.  It's waterproof and floats in water, and its larger screen, increased readability, bigger buttons, and rugged design make this unit at home in the harshest of conditions.

  • Garmin eTrex Legend 8 MB GPS with PC Cable -
    garmin etrex legend 8MBEight MB of memory means there is also plenty of room for waypoints, routes, and saved tracks.  The eTrex Legend holds up to 500 waypoints, complete with a name and graphical symbol, 20 routes with 50 waypoints each, and it contains slots for 10 saved tracks.  You can download maps from Garmin's optional MapSource CD-ROMs (thorough, but expensive accessories for all Garmin GPS receivers) to see street-level or topographic detail (depends upon CD-ROM title purchased).  The Legend is coated with a waterproof, rubberized plastic shell that is easy to grip.  It weighs in at just 5.3 ounces and fits into a pocket or clips onto a belt loop.  You'll hardly know it is there!  The internal trip computer of the Legend provides a range of data about your hikes and/or drives, including current speed, average speed, trip distance, and time traveled (both moving and stopped).  For those interested in checking out their foot pace and distance traveled, it's a handy GPS hand-held to have around.


  • Magellan SporTrak Pro Handheld GPS -
    MAgellan Sportrak ProThe Magellan SporTrak Pro is a feature-rich, fun, and easy-to-use GPS receiver designed for the serious navigator.  Rugged, waterproof, and ergonomically designed, SporTrak is perfect for the outdoors-person needing a compact but powerful navigation tool.  A large display with a front facing 9-key keypad makes it easy to use in any environment.  SporTrak Pro software includes seven graphical navigation screens, storage for up to 500 waypoints and 20 routes, a best fish and game time calculator, and Magellan BackTrack for finding your way home after a long trip into the woods.  The SporTrak Pro runs on two AA rechargeable batteries for up to 14 hours.  Housed in rubber armored impact-resistant plastic, it's waterproof and also floats.

And vehicle mounted
Garmin GPS units too

  • Garmin Talking StreetPilot III GPS Deluxe Package -
    garmin talking street pilot 3You don't need to buy a luxury car or spend thousands installing a multi-part system to get advanced GPS navigation capabilities in your car.  Garmin's StreetPilot III delivers all the high-end features you need, from detailed street maps and sophisticated auto routing to voice prompts and a color screen, in a compact, inexpensive, portable package.

"Setting up the unit was surprisingly simple.  First we installed the software from the MapSource City Navigator CD onto our PC and connected the card reader, with the 32 MB data card, to the USB port.  Then we went online to unlock one of 10 detailed coverage areas included on the disk; for instance, Area 1 covers California and Nevada, Area 7 covers New England and New York.  After that we downloaded detailed maps of our city (San Francisco) and surrounding areas to the data card.  W e also downloaded waypoints (locations like our home, office, and other places we often visit) onto the card and inserted it into the StreetPilot III.  If you don't have a USB port, you can also use the included serial cable to connect the entire unit to your PC.

The physical installation went just as smoothly.  We affixed the plastic base to the top of our dashboard with the included adhesive mounting disks, snapped the StreetPilot III into place, connected it to the cigarette lighter for power, and extended the small fold-down antenna.  The dashboard mount's quick release makes it easy to store the StreetPilot III when not in use or, if you purchase a second mount, lets you use it in multiple vehicles.

The fun really started, though, when we used the StreetPilot's routing capabilities.  Using the arrow buttons, we input the intersection of a store we'd never visited, and within a minute it calculated the most direct route.  The voice navigator told us where to go and when to turn, and it was simple to monitor our progress both on the map and on the text display.  We knew the exact address of our next stop and entered it into the unit.  The StreetPilot then guided us onto the freeway and successfully to our second destination, telling us exactly where to stop along the street and even on which side of the street the store was located.  To get home, we just accessed a waypoint with our home address that we'd preprogrammed on the PC.  Once you use the Garmin StreetPilot III for a while, it's hard to imagine driving solo again.  Whether you're planning a road trip or just need help getting around town, it's an extremely helpful companion that's cheaper and easier to install than anything else currently available." -- Review by Ken Feinstein

  • Garmin GPS 152 -
    garmin gps 152About the size of a small, flat calculator, the mountable Garmin GPSMAP 152 is a 12-parallel-channel, WAAS-enabled global positioning system (GPS) receiver that will go anywhere.  Even with its compact style, this GPS unit boasts an especially large display for showing more map data and the same power you've come to expect from Garmin handhelds.

Designed with all types of users in mind, this unit will take you from the car to the hiking trail and beach without missing a beat.  The GPSMAP 152 features 500 waypoints (10 nearest, 10 proximity), 50 reversible routes with up to 50 points each, an automatic track log, and alarms for anchor drag, approach and arrival, off course, proximity waypoint, shallow water, and deep water.

The GPSMAP 152 also features built-in celestial tables for best time to fish, tide data, a trip computer, and alarms for anchor drag, arrival, off course, proximity waypoint, and clock.  It is also compatible with Garmin's line of downloadable MapSource CD-ROMs and will store 1 MB of downloaded map detail.

  • Garmin United States Roads & Recreation CD-ROM -
    Garmin MapSource CD ROMSIncludes trip and waypoint management functions that allow you to transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks between your PC and nearly all Garmin GPS units.  Roads & Recreation contains highways, interstates, and local, county, and residential roads for all 50 states.  Displays US interstate exit information such as service stations, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, campsites, hospitals, banks, and more.  It also shows shoreline detail for lakes, reservoirs, and rivers, with icons indicating boat ramps, dams, marinas, public facilities, mile markers, and first aid stations.  In addition, it points out US nautical navigational aids such as day beacons, radio beacons, RACONs, fog signals, lights, and buoys.  With a map-download-compatible Garmin GPS, you can simply transfer maps from this CD-ROM to your GPS unit via a PC!

garmin magellan gps unitsSo there you have it.  GPS navigation systems from Bike-Run-Walk.com using the same award winning Garmin technology as the Timex GPS Watch and Timex Bodylink watch systems that have made us famous.

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