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Garmin Geko 201 lightweight personal GPS navigation systemThe Garmin Geko 201 is the smallest and lightest waterproof GPS unit on the market, and inexpensive too, with a sleek design and simple operating system.

With its distinctive canopy-green case, the powerful Geko 201 allows more waypoint and route storage, as well as available PC and external power connectivity.  And built in WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) capability makes it even more accurate.  The Garmin Geko 201 also features a user configurable trip computer, the ability to memorize 10,000 Trackpoints, new UpcomingTurn feature, PanTrack and TracBack.

Buy the geko 201 by garminUpcoming-Turn Feature, available on the units "Compass" page alerts the user of an upcoming turn.  If you are within 15 seconds of a turn in your route, the compass arrow will bend to show you in which direction the next point is.

The PanTrack Page allows you to "pan" along your track and "go back in time" to select a location to "Mark", or perform a "TracBack" or "Direct GoTo".  In the Geko 201, this feature lets users pick the beginning and ending point of the track log to be saved, instead of always starting from the current location back to a limited list of track points based on the time by which they were created.

The Garmin Geko 201 also includes four fun, interactive games that transform the great outdoors into a virtual board game.  Enjoy a good workout while chasing a virtual lizard in Geko Smak, match symbols in a grid version of Memory Race, navigate to reference points without crossing one’s trail in Nibbons, and collect symbols along a path in Virtual Maze!

Suggested retail  price for the Geko 201 is $149.99 U.S.D. for the domestic US market only.

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Buy the Garmin Geko 201