Magellan Explorist XL

magellan exploristMagellan Explorist XL with large 3.5” color display in a rugged GPS unit with ample 30 MB memory, unlmited SD card expandability, high-speed USB data port and MapSend map compatibility make your Explorist XL the ultimate multi use hand held GPS unit.

We've INCLUDED MapSend Direct Route street map software to give you turn by turn auto navigation on the road.

We've also  INCLUDED a Magellan Explorist Vehicle Mount with strong suction cups that secure your Exlorist XL receiver to the windshield of your car, truck or RV. Full tilt and swivel positioning enables optimal viewing of your receiver wherever your adventure takes you.

Plus we've INCLUDED a Magellan Explorist Cigarette Lighter Adapter that plugs into any standard 12V cigarette lighter or vehicle auxiliary power port to keep your Magellan eXplorist XL powered up in your car.

Easy-to-use one button access to key features and simple menus make GPS navigation easier than ever.

The 3.5” extra large 3.5” color display makes reading maps and GPS information easy with vibrant color graphics in all lighting conditions.  With the largest screen-size available in rugged handheld GPS systems, your eXplorist XL is perfect for all types of GPS navigation on the trail, on the road or on the water.

- Easy to use
 One-button access takes you directly to all the key features. Intuitive operation with keypad and joystick control adds even more fun to GPS navigation.  You can easily navigate with your eXplorist XL, even as a first-time user.

- Built-in mapping
 Built-in North American basemap makes it easy to navigate major roads, parks, waterways and find airports and other points of interest.

- Unlimited SD-card expandability
 SD card compatibility provides unlimited memory expansion.  Add optional Magellan MapSend software* to get turn-by-turn street routing on detailed street maps, lake contours and fishing spots and topo contour maps to any number of SD memory cards (sold separately). 

- Advanced File memory system
 Advanced file system to easily save, organize and access optional MapSend maps, POIs or tracks on your eXplorist XL.

- USB data port
 Download detailed MapSend maps and customized points of interest (POI) from your PC using the high-speed USB data cable. 

- TrueFix Technology - accurate & reliable
 TrueFix GPS technology takes advantage of 14 parallel channels, 2 dedicated WAAS and EGNOS Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems channels, for fast signal acquisition, minimal signal loss and reliable accuracy to within 3 meters. 

- Area calculation
 Want to find the distance between three or more points of interest that you plan to hike around or the area between them?  Simply select the points of interest on the map and the eXplorist XL will determine the area between them and the perimeter around them.

- Vertical profile
 Use this function to determine how steep the trail ahead will be.  Then choose to take the challenge or find an easier path.

- Geocache Manager
 Download geocache coordinates from Internet sites and use them on your outdoor adventures.  This unique feature makes managing coordinates even easier with a PC-style file system.  You don’t have to be a geocacher to appreciate the Magellan Geocache Manager.  Learn more about Geocaching.

- Languages
 The Explorist XL is multi-lingual; choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Dutch or Norwegian.

- Track Logging
 Store up to 5 track log files, each with 2000 track-points to the internal memory and store an unlimited amount of track log files to optional SD cards, to easily find your way to your favorite spot again and again.

- Four navigation screens
 View speed, direction, distance to destination and all the GPS information you need on 4 easy-to-read color navigation screens.

- No service fees
 Your eXplorist XL is ready to go with no service fees and no activation fees, so go ahead, use it all the time.

- Satellite status
 Monitor the GPS satellites tracking your position and get information about their status.

- Advanced power management
 Four standard or rechargeable AA batteries provide up to 19 hours of continuous use.  Use the power management tool to set automatic backlight and power shut off. 

- Rugged construction
 Rubber armored, impact resistant plastic lets you to confidently take your eXplorist XL on every adventure.

- Waterproof
Your eXplorist XL is waterproof to IPX-7 standards, so you never have to worry about getting it wet.

- Warranty
 eXplorist XL is rugged and reliable and backed by a full one-year warranty in North America.

The Magellan Explorist line of hand held GPS navigation tools is one of the most popular in the industry, and the Explorist XL is the absolute top of the line portable Magellan makes.  The go anywhere Explorist XL is a must have unit, and at just this specially priced bundle offers you savings of more than off of the list price.  The MapSend DirectRoute software and Magellan Explorist XL alone are generally priced, and you also get a Magellan Explorist XL vehicle mount and a Magellan 12 volt cigarette lighter adapter.

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